nantucket hvac

Simply the Best

nantucket hvacTake a look at the mechanical piping we just completed on this project. From utilizing prefabricated copper manifolds, which are custom built, to laser leveling the pipes and more – we use better materials and products and really take pride in our workmanship. Some companies simply provide air conditioning and ductwork. At Kevin Conrad Heating & Cooling, we do all the electrical, piping and sheet metal work under one house, and we’re the only mechanical piping company on Nantucket Island that is bonded.

We don’t install the biggest hot water heater, but the best, most efficient hot water heater for the application. We consider the energy consumption of the unit, not just the consumption of gas. Doing so cuts down one-third of energy costs, which means significant savings for the homeowner. The end result for the customer? Less stress, greater reliability, energy savings and peace of mind.