Nantucket Ductwork

Ductwork to Dream Of

Let’s talk ductwork. Poor ductwork can affect a home in a number of ways, ultimately resulting in inconsistent room temperatures, less energy efficiency and high heating and cooling costs. Ductwork that is damaged (broken, disconnected, pinched) or connected improperly will leak. If the ductwork is not properly insulated, it will not keep the air flowing through it hot or cool (depending on the season) for long, resulting in rooms that are too cold or too hot, and potential moisture/mold issues.

At Kevin Conrad Heating & Cooling, all ductwork is custom-made by hand in our shop. The connections and fittings we use are more of a commercial grade, and we are the only company using neoprene gaskets. We also make sure our work is above the required code. A 12 percent leakage by code is average and we make sure our work is ahead of the code, with only a 4 percent leakage. The materials we use cannot be bought “off the shelf” – they are all custom. Radius fittings and split Y transition off the coil for a close-fit duct fitting. One of our most recent jobs, shown here, was a 5X ClimateMaster (geothermal system) supplying three zones. Custom ductwork is the only way to go with these tight ceiling spaces and architectural spaces.