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Need immediate HVAC repair? Our Service Now online option guarantees same day service, even during the busy summer months on Nantucket. With Service Now you can pay with any major credit card online.


Nantucket Sprayfoam
KCHC and Cea Foam Insulation May 13, 2015

Insulation is key for maintaining a consistent, comfortable temperature in your home year-round. Many homeowners assume their house is airtight because they have energy efficient thermal windows. But a significant amount of heat may be lost through poorly insulated areas of the home, such as the attic. Heat rises and… Read more

Nantucket Ductwork
Ductwork to Dream Of May 6, 2015

Let’s talk ductwork. Poor ductwork can affect a home in a number of ways, ultimately resulting in inconsistent room temperatures, less energy efficiency and high heating and cooling costs. Ductwork that is damaged (broken, disconnected, pinched) or connected improperly will leak. If the ductwork is not properly insulated, it will… Read more

nantucket hvac
Simply the Best April 29, 2015

Take a look at the mechanical piping we just completed on this project. From utilizing prefabricated copper manifolds, which are custom built, to laser leveling the pipes and more – we use better materials and products and really take pride in our workmanship. Some companies simply provide air conditioning and… Read more

Nantucket HVAC
Home Heating Conversion April 22, 2015

We recently completed a conversion in an open space, three-bedroom home. The main heater was going and the homeowner wanted a back-up heater to his open boiler. As you can see, the ductwork has been completed. We have a full sheet metal shop (and by the way, Kevin Conrad is… Read more